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My Mother's House EP

by Amaryah Shaye

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She gets it from her mother The way she holds her eyes Like everything's gone quiet Like everybody lies And you'd be lying too If you could lie down beside her You'd be quiet too If you knew she'd speak up louder But her disinterest grows Like the lines of your prose All wild and unwieldy And cold She gets it from her brother That sadness in her eyes Formed out of some deep ocean Where waters always rise And you'd be drowning too If you knew she'd throw a lifeline You'd be crying too If you knew she'd wipe your tears dry But her disinterest grows Like your litany of woes All tired and weary And cold
Holy Roller 05:08
She's just a holy roller Can't put the bible down Walks with the great Jehovah Talks like there's fire in her mouth, yeah She's a believer Lord, help me believe I'm not a seeker I'm just wondering If it's ever enough? He's got a mighty passion Stirs up hearts and souls His voice booming over me Calls out to lay down all control, yeah He's a preacher Well, I want to be But I'm not a speaker I'm just wondering If it's ever enough? We sing the songs of zion Sweetest sounds I've heard Some days, in times of quiet They still my heart and calm my hurt But I'm not a singer Lord, help me to sing Can't shake this choir Can't let it take a hold of me Some spirit inside me I can't explain Something comes over me Leaving me changed Some spirit inside me Calling my name Something takes hold of me Leaving me changed It's never enough
Drift away from my father's house I'll follow his lead someday In my head I hear water now Washing over me I doubt my head My head I doubt my eyes My hands Running back to my mother's house Finally lost everything Hold a candle above my head Tainting her grief I doubt my head My head I doubt my eyes My hands You opened up onto A pine-circled field With a wide-eyed view Eyes opened up onto The realness of life In the name of someone new
When You Go 04:03
When you go All the way home And the door Is halfway open Swinging on its hinges When you go All the way there And you know There's no rewinding I won't get any of this back I can't rewind All this behind


released December 31, 2018

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Amaryah Share




Amaryah Shaye Roanoke, Virginia

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